Blues Plank NT6 Justin Johnson signature

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The Justin Johnson signature NT6 was born out of the tried and tested NT6 standard. Justin found that while he really liked the raunchy single coil qualities of the P90 pickup, it was just too noisy in those situations where the lighting and wiring caused excessive hum — so he requested this version, which we suggested be his signature model. We’re very pleased and honoured he has agreed to put his name to this instrument.

Loaded with a P90-sized humbucker with coil-splitting via the push-pull single volume control, this guitar retains the elemental qualities of the original NT6 while adding the extra functionality of a humbucker for noise free operation plus that extra humbucker output when required.

This is what Justin had to say:

Hey! What an honor! I would love to have the Blues Plank 6-string neck-through with the single P90 bridge pickup named as a Signature model. I think you guys nailed it with that design, and as much as I’ve tried to think of ways to improve it, it always leads to the design getting too complicated, and therefore moving away from the core Blues Plank aesthetic. I LOVE the neck-through design, and the carbon fiber truss rod(s). The combo of the two features results in the fastest, simplest. best balanced and most resonant guitars I’ve ever played … and the simplicity and rugged design of the electronics makes it perfect for handling the abuse of being on the road, and on stage night after night.


The unveiling:

And some rockin’ boogie!:

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  • Mountain Ash neck (neck through construction), with dual carbon fiber truss rod.
  • Sheoak fretboard 12″ radius
  • 25.5″ scale length
  • Blackwood body
  • Jarrah and aluminium bridge (fully intonated)
  • Aluminium tailpiece
  • External earth connector
  • Single P90-sized humbucker, with coil-splitting via push-pull volume control
  • Oval stainless steel medallion engraved with Justin Johnson’s signature
  • Oil finish

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