BO3 bass

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The Blues Plank BO3 bass is a great little lightweight 3 string solid body bass guitar. A 30″ short scale makes for low string tension but plenty of resonance from the Mountain Ash neck and solid Pine body.

In the words of Justin Johnson:

“I’ve also spent a lot of time getting to know the bass. It is the funkiest bass guitar I have ever played! It has a pop and snap to the tone that is very hard to get from a bass. …and the bass itself is the lightest and easiest to play bass I have ever played. The dual P-bass pickups sound powerful, but really clean and clear. You really nailed it with the bass, too. It doesn’t have the big huge body to the tone that some larger, heavier basses have, but it’s much harder to find a clear and punchy bass sound than it is to find a big, fat bass sound, so the Blues Plank bass guitar fills a very important roll that is hard to find. I really can’t say enough good things about your work, and I am so proud to be working with you guys to develop and showcase this line of guitars!”

And here’s an unexpected one from Davie504 on YouTube:

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  • Solid one piece New Zealand Pine body
  • Mountain Ash neck (bolt on)
  • WA sheoak fretboard
  • 30″ scale length
  • Fretted with medium jumbo frets
  • P bass-type humbucking pickup or mini humbucker
  • Single volume control
  • Oil finish

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mini humbucker, p bass


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