Little Crow guitars was born in 2012 when we decided to include guitar making with our normal business of making furniture. We (Dave & Viv Street) have been making furniture under the name of Ironwood Studio since 1992.

With the help and encouragement of Shane Diiorio of the Youtube channel Intheblues we made our first few guitars. We got great feedback from these early models, especially the semi-hollow Corvinho.

When Justin Johnson toured Australia in 2014 we became aware of the roots revival and cigar box guitar scene. The simplicity and home-made/hand-made vibe of these instruments appealed to us and we decided to look into this area of instrument making. We made some prototype Blues Plank guitars and ran them past Justin and he enthusiastically encouraged us and helped us develop our Blues Plank series of roots based guitars. Here is a link to an interview Justin later did with Dave about the Blues Plank series for his Roots Music School website.

We now have two Justin Johnson signature guitars in our range: the Blues Plank NT6 MK II and the Justin Johnson signature Resonator guitar. We continue to develop and refine our range of instruments with an ongoing interest and passion for the blues and roots aspect.

Viv and Dave Street
The partners in crime:
Viv & Dave Street
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