Blues Plank BO3 & BO4

The BO (for bolt on neck) models in our Blues Plank series have a more traditional guitar shape but still adhere to the simple home made ethos of the cigar box guitar style of guitar. Optional body shapes are the standard rounded shape of a traditional guitar or the more square shape like our NT3 & 4 models which are reminiscent of the cigar box shape. The bodies on these guitars are made from a single piece of New Zealand Pine which is a nice resonant body wood. Mountain Ash is optional.

Specifications and options:

  • Neck: Mountain Ash with Jarrah fretboard (Sheoak optional) with medium standard or medium jumbo frets. Bone nut. Optional carbon fiber truss rod (usually only for the 4 string).
  • Scale: 25.5″
  • Body: Single piece New Zealand Pine. Optional Ash body (not single piece).
  • Pickup: Single coil, mini-humbucker or humbucker. Extra pickup optional.
  • Electrics: Single volume and output jack. Other controls optional.
  • Hardware: Generic (good quality) tuners, hard tail bridge.
  • Finish: Natural oil finish.
  • Base price BO3: $545
  • Base price BO4: $600
  • Extras: Ash Body (add $20), mini humbucker of humbucker (add $10), extra pickup (add $40), extra tone control and switch (add $40), carbon fiber truss rod (add $40).

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