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Guitar Gallery

This gallery gives a quick overview of the guitars we make. Click on an image to take you to that guitar’s page with more info and specifications. Or go straight to the contact form below to contact us and ask a question.

Quick info:

  • All prices are in Australian dollars. Use the currency converter to the left (pc or laptop) or below (mobile) to convert from Australian dollars to your currency.
  • We make to order and lead time is about 8 to 12 weeks.
  • To place an order, contact us about the guitar you want, we give you the price and if agreeable we send you an invoice for 20% deposit to start the build. We can do lay-by and other extended payment options.
  • Payment is usually via PayPal but other methods can be arranged.
  • Shipping cost to the US is about $200 AUD and to Europe is about $250 AUD and within Australia to most capital cities it is $60 (for regional areas ask for quote). We ship worldwide.
  • We make left hand versions of all our guitars.

Justin Johnson Signature guitars

Guitars specially designed and developed in collaboration with Justin Johnson to his specs. The Justin Johnson signature resonator is only available to order through Justin Johnson’s online store:

The NT6 signature guitars are available through our website here.

Standard six string guitars

Fine semi-hollow and solid body guitars. Quality wood, hardware and electronics. Custom optioned to your requirements.

The Blues Plank series

Stripped back elemental instruments — everything you need and nothing you don’t! Good woods, good electrics for straight out good tone. Guitars and basses. Six, four and three strings. Customisable to your requirements.

Blues Plank 6 strings

Blues Plank 3 strings

Blues Plank 4 strings

Bass guitars 3 and 4 string

Contact us to inquire about any of these guitars: